New Year’s Resolutions for a Strong 2022

A new year is here and our team is ready to take on 2022! New Year’s resolutions for the office may seem like an odd concept, but January offers the perfect opportunity to set goals to better both your employees’ professional development and company’s overall wellbeing.

We are genuinely excited to see what this year brings for our team and the impact our clients will have around the world.

A few New Year’s resolutions for our team and goals for growth in 2022 include:

The industry

Last year, we had the incredible opportunity to experience professional development growth when Brush Country Claims COO, Troy Stewart, and I participated in the prestigious 10-week insurtech accelerator program convened by the internationally renowned Lloyd’s of London. Now that we’ve completed the reputable seventh cohort of the Lloyd’s Lab, we can begin to implement what we’ve learned, grow our network within global insurance and continue to move the industry forward. In terms of actionable steps, we’re excited to hone into our long-term direction of our Hubvia proprietary suite of insurtech solutions and show its immense benefit in streamlining the claims process.


Customer service

The insurtech revolution is inspiring major companies within the sphere to rethink the entire insurance marketplace and we can only expect the revolution to continue in 2022. For example, policyholders are not only expecting — but also demanding — new ways of interacting with providers. As a result, we’re finding secure and innovative ways to analyze data to evaluate risk more effectively and efficiently, as well as provide more personalized services to policyholders.

With our own insurtech solution, Hubvia, we’re using innovative, new software to help trained, licensed claims adjusters streamline unwieldy processes and improve accuracy at the same time. Through our unique digital claims management system, we found that if we seamlessly integrate many different steps into one software platform. Come this year, we can increase accuracy and accelerate the turnaround times for claims processing.


Our team

Our employees rallied together to see significant growth year-over-year, both through adding new team members and partnering with new clients. Our team, old and new, continued to step up to advocate for the high-quality work Brush Country Claims strives for. Looking ahead, I am looking forward to seeing how our company continues to grow in every possible area and thus expanding our customer experience services and streamlining claims processing. We expect to expand our partnerships with other companies, additional markets and in turn add strong candidates to our team.


While 2022 will certainly have its own challenges, we are confident at Brush Country Claims that we can take them on together as a team and continue to grow through them. Here’s to the New Year and to all of our resolutions becoming a reality!


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