Revolutionizing the Insurance Industry: McKenzie Intelligence Services (MIS) Partnership Highlight

In an ever-changing world fraught with unpredictable disasters, the insurance industry faces a constant challenge to streamline claims processing while responding swiftly to the needs of affected policyholders. In order to innovate, insurance companies should pursue the right partnerships to grow their businesses and enhance their services, providing policyholders with transformative offerings that benefit them in the long run.

Last October, Brush Claims secured a game-changing partnership with McKenzie Intelligence Services (MIS), a London-based geospatial data and imagery analysis intelligence leader, to help expedite incident and claims responses following catastrophic events. Marking a significant step forward in the insurance space, this strategic alliance brings together Brush Claims’ groundbreaking suite of insurtech solutions, Hubvia, with MIS’ cutting-edge AI-powered platform, Global Events Observer (GEO). The results have been nothing short of extraordinary.

In this blog, we’ll explore how the Brush Claims + MIS partnership is revolutionizing insurance claims processing, ensuring policyholder satisfaction and creating an impact for the better.


Employs Real-time Analysis of Global Perils

One of the critical aspects of this partnership is the access to real-time analysis of natural disasters and conflicts, providing Brush Claims with the ability to understand when, where and how damage occurs, and take action immediately. MIS’ GEO platform allows its clients to obtain a comprehensive understanding of their exposure and extent of damages caused by catastrophes such as storms, wildfires and flooding, without delay. In situations where physical access to the affected areas may be restricted, this data becomes invaluable. Insurance professionals can instantly assess a situation and predict damages remotely, allowing for prompt assistance to policyholders in distress.

Leveraged alongside Brush Claims’ internal suite of insurtech solutions, Hubvia, this solution provides the most advanced claims processing on the market. With a clear picture of the potential damages as they unfold, we are able to better strategize with our carrier partners to allocate resources and plan our response most efficiently. Moreover, this predictive capability empowers insurers to be more proactive in their approach, which ultimately benefits consumers who receive quicker and more accurate claims settlements.


Supports Forward-Thinking Solutions

In a world fueled by technology and data-driven strategies, the need for progressive solutions is paramount to stay nimble in the ever-changing insurance arena that requires adaptability and readiness to incorporate transformative approaches. Valuable collaborations pave the way for ingenuity, bolstering the efficiency of claims handling. For insurers, forging ties with these visionary entities and strategic experts offers them a leg up on their rivals, providing a competitive advantage.

Geospatial tools like MIS’ GEO can combine with other data sources to gain early insights and proactively engage with your policyholders when they need it most. Intelligent models can serve as an innovative way of predicting damage to insured infrastructure and businesses, supercharging the claims process and allowing finance to have more accuracy in reserves, faster. Through MIS’ actionable intelligence, Hubvia can provide quick action with its human-led, tech-enabled approach to shift catastrophe response from reactive to proactive.


Improves Policyholder Satisfaction

Catastrophic events often lead to heightened anxiety and emotional distress for policyholders. By leveraging the power of advanced technology and geospatial data analysis, insurers can offer a sense of assurance and support during trying times. Policyholders can be confident that their insurance providers are equipped with the latest tools to help them get back on their feet quickly after a disaster strikes.

Supercharged by real-time actionable intelligence to deliver a world-class customer experience, this solution from Brush Claims and MIS allows professionals to adequately prepare policyholders for how an impending catastrophe will impact them. In turn, this allows Brush Claims and MIS to deliver an unparalleled level of service and care for clients and customers alike.

Brush Claims is proud to partner with McKenzie Intelligence Services and embrace cutting-edge solutions to redefine the future of insurance. The partnership between Brush Claims and MIS exemplifies the power of collaboration in the insurance industry. By integrating Hubvia with MIS’ GEO platform, the two companies have created a formidable solution that streamlines claims processing and enhances policyholders’ overall experience.

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