How Tech Streamlines and Empowers Claim Assessment

by Troy Stewart, President & Chief Operating Officer, Brush Claims

Technology is one of the greatest assets of our time. When utilized to the fullest capacity, the latest tech can truly transform our daily processes and tasks. In the insurance industry, this can mean a more streamlined, efficient claims assessment that revolutionizes the entire process for the carrier, adjuster and most importantly the policyholder. The global insurtech market size was valued at USD 2.72 billion in 2020, with an expected annual growth rate of 49% to 2028. The data shows that no insurer can afford to be left behind during this monumental movement toward the complete integration of cutting-edge insurtech solutions.

Creating a seamless claims experience from start to finish should be the goal of every insurance provider. Here’s how the latest technology plays a crucial role in doing just that.

The Power of Automation

Due to advancements in insurtech, around 50-60% of insurance-company back-office operations can now be automated. This automation can facilitate claims being processed more quickly and accurately than ever before, while also reducing costs associated with manual labor and allowing employees to focus more of their time on higher value work. When less time is spent on redundant tasks, more time is available to provide policyholders with a more impactful experience.

Premium insurtech software is particularly effective in freeing up time, eliminating redundancy and reducing the need for information to be stored in multiple places. By consolidating information into a single database, insurers can reduce the risk of errors and inconsistencies. HubCentral, an innovative CMS utilized by Brush Claims, empowers adjusters to automate their claims process by instantly syncing data across all platforms and being able to access key analytics at the click of a button, keeping them focused on the tasks that make the biggest impact

A Seamless Experience For Customers From Start to Finish

In today’s landscape, customer experience is everything. Customers have become accustomed to receiving information, products and services at the click of a button and they expect no less from their insurance provider. When it comes to filing a claim specifically, the process can be overwhelming and stressful for policyholders, especially in the aftermath of a catastrophic event. Therefore, it is essential to provide them with a smooth and transparent experience from the first touchpoint to wrap-up and claim closure.

Software that offers a full claims solution for the insurance carrier, adjuster and end user is essential to achieving this goal. Such software allows policyholders to maintain control by reporting and tracking their claims easily, uploading documentation and communicating with adjusters all in one place. Brush Claims’ Hubvia suite of software offers a comprehensive solution for managing claims that includes intuitive communication tools, a user-friendly interface and the ability for policyholders to track the status of their claims in real-time. HubInsight provides policyholders with transparency and control of their claim and has shown to improve the overall claims experience.

Developing a Data-First Approach

Tapping into the power of data transforms the claims process, as it provides valuable insights that can help insurers and adjusters make more informed decisions. By analyzing real time actionable data to make faster and more impactful decisions, insurers can drive new insights, identify trends, improve efficiency, increase competitiveness and anticipate future claims.
HubOnsite, a game-changing digital solution by Brush Claims, is the ideal platform for adjusters who want to collect data on the go in an easily accessible mobile application. HubOnsite is designed to capture, organize and aggregate data from the field, providing all stakeholders with real-time insights through photos, videos and other relevant information, through a real time data sync to HubCentral. This provides insurers with actionable insights, delivers improved speed of service in claims handling, and data-driven decisions that lead to improved efficiency, reduced costs and boosted customer satisfaction.

Capitalize on the Latest Tech Trends and Advancements

Keeping up with the latest tech trends and advancements is essential to staying ahead of the competition and the needs of the consumer. The difficulty is sorting between what is trend and what is the ‘future’ of claims and innovation. At Brush Claims, we lead the charge in providing our clients with the latest insurtech news and innovations. When our team attended the PLRB Claims Conference and Insurance Services Expo earlier this year, we saw that some of the latest trends included a movement towards virtual adjustments as mainstream, utilizing processes like HyDAP and much more. We attend events like these so that our clients can put their focus where it is needed most, on their customers, and trust their claims solution firm to deliver the latest insurtech news and software available.

When it comes to empowering every part of claim assessment, Brush Claims is the name insurers have trusted for over 30 years. Our team brings decades of technical knowledge, passion and field experience to bring a safe and trustworthy experience to insurers, adjusters and policyholders. Technology that’s built with resilience can withstand whatever disasters come our way. This is the key to an efficient and effective claims process that will build as much trust in your brand as it has ours.

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