Spring Forward: Preparing Your Business For Hurricane Season

by Clay Rising, Chief Claims Officer, Brush Claims

As a claims business owner or manager, it is essential to prepare your team and operations for hurricane season. As we transition into spring, the weather is rapidly changing and so are the volumes and types of field claims. With preparing for warmer weather and heavier rain storms, it is crucial to evolve the resources and processes your organization utilizes during the hurricane season for maximum efficiency.

Here are some tips and strategies to help you prepare your claims business for whatever challenges come your way this approaching hurricane season and all throughout the year.

Analyze Historical Data

There is an abundance of data to glean insights from regarding hurricane-related events and catastrophes. Analyze the data and build a business model where decisions are based on the historical metrics and findings. Data-driven organizations are 23 times more likely to acquire new customers, six times more likely to retain customers and 19 times more likely to be profitable, according to Mckinsey Global Institute. Utilizing cutting-edge software to review historical data to better prepare for hurricane season will help your organization to identify trends in the volume, severity and overall exposure..

For example, if you notice a higher volume of property damage claims in a particular location during hurricane season, you may need to adjust processes to handle the increased workload. The result of data-led decisions? Data led decisions allow your organization to respond in real time using accurate models and predictive analytics which ultimately results in satisfied customers who know they can turn to your claims business first when disaster strikes. Understanding exposure and expected claims frequency allows you to deploy human capital and technological tools to areas most impacted to decrease overall cycle time. 

Set Staff Up For Success

Providing staff with the most recent training available is critical to prepare for hurricane season. Ensure that current workforce members are knowledgeable about the specific types of claims expected during the season. For example, anticipating your staff will likely receive more property damage claims, make sure they are trained on how to assess and document hurricane damage.

In addition to training on specific types of claims, it is also important to notify workers of any changes to the overall process or necessary procedures, such as adjusting workflow to handle a higher volume of claims, to maximize efficiency during seasonal changes. 

Adjust Resources Accordingly

The impending hurricane season will likely also impact how resources should be allocated, such as staffing levels and equipment. Claims professionals should ensure they have enough staff to handle the expected volume of claims during each season. You may need to hire temporary staff or contractors during peak seasons or adjust the schedules of existing staff to ensure there is coverage when it is needed most.

Similarly, there may be a need to adjust equipment to handle seasonal changes. For example, in anticipation of receiving more claims during hurricane season, it is essential to ensure your field adjusters have a reliable vehicle that can get them to and from each location. Also, it is important to update tools, ropes, harnesses, boots and ladders, as necessary. 

Assess Technology Needs

Advancements in insurtech play a critical role in preparing claims businesses for seasonal changes, especially with the unpredictability of disastrous hurricane-related events. Ensure that your technology stack is up-to-date and can handle the expected volume of claims during each season. This may include upgrading current claims management software to a larger and more centralized solution, increasing server capacity or investing in new hardware.

In addition, having access to advanced software can help your organization streamline claims processes and improve overall efficiency. For example, using mobile apps and digital forms can aid with documenting claims more quickly and accurately. This is especially important during peak seasons when speed and accuracy are critical.

Trust Brush Claims to help your claims organization stay ahead of the competition, and most importantly, the needs of the customer. With 30 years of experience bringing quality insurtech experiences to policyholders, Brush Claims offers countless resources to centralize and simplify the claims process, so that claims professionals can focus less on the redundant small tasks and more on improving their customers’ overall experience. 

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