PLRB Recap

by Troy Stewart, President & Chief Operating Officer at Brush Claims

Recently, our team had the pleasure of attending the 2023 PLRB Claims Conference and Insurance Services Expo in sunny Orlando, Florida. We arrived at the expo with eyes and minds wide open to learn about the latest trends, technology and innovation surrounding the claims landscape. From the increased adoption of AI and machine learning in key integrations and more creative ways of speeding up the claims process, to revolutionary improvements in mapping, underwriting and overall claims management, there was much to uncover at this year’s event.

Here are our biggest key takeaways from the conference, which include some impressive trends to monitor as this year progresses: 

A Movement Toward Virtual Adjustments as Mainstream

In addition to the wave of advanced technology integrations, a trend toward increased adoption of virtual adjusting is making its way toward more of a mainstream handling method we are likely to see play a more prominent role moving forward. Virtual adjustments ability to service policyholders virtually through inspections, desk adjustments and customer service will become the norm. This continued shift toward the primary use of this tech-forward method offers clients a seamless, stress-free experience from start to finish.

In countless discussions with different carriers, “virtual” was mentioned more often than not, because the goal is to provide speed of service and control leveraging top-of-the-line technology, allowing them to establish their brand as a trusted and experienced provider. The key in getting more claims firms on board with virtual innovations as they happen depends on the ability to secure advocates among the younger generation and to debunk common myths. Brush Claims Chief Claims Officer Clay Rising had this to say: “Seeing the younger generation getting more and more involved in driving change and causing the industry to rethink the ways that things have always operated is a big factor. There is an underlying hesitation throughout many audiences that AI and ML will reduce workforce when in fact it may increase the needed workforce while increasing efficiency.”

 There is No Tolerance for Poor Customer Experience

As alluded to previously, policyholders will gravitate toward claims carriers who can offer the most streamlined process from start to finish. The steady theme of the entire 2023 PLRB Conference was providing a creative and simple claims process for clients.

By paying close attention to insurtech trends and strategically capitalizing on tools available, adjusters will be able to offer the best possible customer experience that leaves a positive impact. The key is integrating a suite of solutions that work together to provide stress-free management and up-to-the-minute analytics. 

Getting Creative With Data and How it is Used

Throughout claims solutions, data is king in more ways than providing a list of numbers. As communicated during this year’s PLRB conference, there is a need to move away from the days of using five or six independent programs to handle claims. Programs that do not communicate data with each other automatically require heavy duplication or manipulation to do so, and there simply isn’t time for that. Getting more creative with how data programs can work hand-in-hand with other software is critical moving forward.

Brush Claims Chief Revenue Officer Denis Connolly explained it like this: “Given the new tech solutions in the market, being able to clearly tell our story on the most effective use of claims data to streamline the claims process is critical. All of us agree that the number one source of the true value of the Brush Claims Hubvia platform is the data we have available through our impactful partnership with MIS.”

By building a preferred system utilizing tools like HyDAP and Brush Claims’ cutting-edge Hubvia suite, claims managers will be able to access and utilize key metrics in a more meaningful way.

 Our dedicated team at Brush Claims is working around the clock to stay updated on insurtech trends like the ones we experienced at the 2023 PLRB Claims Conference and Insurance Services Expo so that the claims professionals we serve always have access to the latest news and advancements in technology. As the conference has shown, speed, transparency and smarter insights are streamlining the claims process to deliver the best possible experience to policyholders and there simply isn’t room for any adjustment firm to be left behind.

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