5 Skills Every Claims Professional Needs

By Troy Stewart, President and Chief Operating Officer, Brush Claims

In the claims profession, there is no such thing as being over prepared for any given situation. The insurance industry is an ever-changing and complex field that requires professionals with a diverse range of specialized skills. Whether you work in underwriting, claims management, adjusting, actuarial analysis, or any other area of insurance, there are numerous areas of expertise that are essential to master for success. Continue reading, as we dive into the top five skills that every claims professional needs and should spend extra time developing.

Effective and Consistent Communication

In the claims industry, effective and consistent communication is critical. Before, during and after the chaos of a natural disaster, there is a great need to communicate regularly with clients, colleagues and other stakeholders on a routine basis to keep them updated through the lifecycle of the claim. .

Effective communication skills involve the ability to actively listen without interruption and to speak clearly and concisely. Being able to write well and convey information clearly through writing is another important part of the communication process that should be developed. In addition, claims professionals need to be adept at explaining complex insurance concepts in simple, or layman’s, terms to those who may not have had to file a claim before.

An Analytical Mind

Analytical skills are essential for claims professionals as they need to be able to use data to make informed decisions. These skills involve the ability to gather, evaluate, and interpret data to identify trends, patterns and potential risks. Whether it be assessing claims or forecasting future risks for policyholders, analytical skills are critical for success in the insurance industry.

Problem-Solving Skills

Claims professionals must be able to identify and solve problems effectively. Whether it’s working on a client dispute, a complex or denied claim, claims professionals must be able to assess the situation, evaluate different options and implement a solution. Problem-solving may seem like a skill that comes naturally to someone, but that’s not always the case. While a professional might be naturally analytical, problem solving is a separate skill that requires consistent practice and becomes stronger over time through a variety of situations.

A Talent for Customer Service

As insurance is a service-based industry, someone who works in claims must have strong customer service skills. They must be able to build, sometimes from zero or minus if the policyholder has had a negative experience filing a claim previously, and maintain positive relationships. It is especially important to respond to a client’s needs promptly and efficiently, and provide excellent service at all times. Claims professionals who can provide outstanding customer service build client loyalty, increase retention rates and ultimately drive business growth. Brush Claims’ innovative technology and industry-leading processes help claims professionals deliver a full claims solution with a world-class customer experience.


Adaptability and Flexibility for Any Situation

The world of claims is constantly evolving, and professionals need to be able to adapt to changing circumstances. What may have been the case during a natural disaster a year ago could be completely different today, between legislative efforts and ever changing consumer expectations. Claims professionals must be able to navigate new regulations and changes in the market, and adapt to new customer needs.

With an open mind, eagerness to learn, dedication toward staying up-to-date on top insurtech trends and willingness to take on challenging tasks, claims professionals will be well on their way to mastering the essential tools necessary for success.

At Brush Claims, we understand the importance of helping claims professionals stay ahead of the competition with tools that streamline their adjusting process. From top-of-the-line data and management solutions that remove much of the manual workflow required in the typical claims process, to secure systems that enhance the transparency of claims handling, we put the trust and confidence where it belongs, in your hands.

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