How Brush Claims Meets the Demand for Tech-Forward Claims Processing

by Troy Stewart, President and Chief Operating Officer, Brush Claims

Tech automation is driving nearly all industries into the future of the digital age. Thanks to tech advancements such as rules-based systems to interpret data and drive efficiency, and the advent of leveraging AI and ML to test the performance of routine tasks, processes nowadays are becoming more streamlined, tasks are more efficient and employees are finding more time to focus on other important responsibilities. At Brush Claims, we place a primary focus on technology where it counts while keeping people at the forefront of our business. Our team has paved the way with insurtech innovation, and we are excited for this continued evolution and growth.

As we celebrate the many accomplishments and advancements our team has spearheaded through the power of technology, we are taking a look back at the progress made and a glimpse into the future of what’s yet to come in the world of insurance.

Our Reason for Driving World-Class Policyholder Experiences in Claims

 When policyholders file a claim with their insurance company, the root of the claim is the cause of loss. This word, “loss,” speaks volumes and goes beyond material items. The policyholders – the people – are affected, and that is something we never lose sight of. As policyholders file claims, this in turn means that they have encountered a loss, making the process difficult from the very beginning. Now, factor in a devastating catastrophe, such as a hurricane or tornado that can be heartbreaking for an entire family, community and state. Filing a claim during this time of shock adds another layer of disruption.

This serves as our “why” in bringing key innovations to the market to help policyholders navigate claims as easily as possible. We’re putting an end to the frustration that once accompanied claims processes through innovative solutions that have the power to change the way policyholders view carriers. During these make or break times of catastrophe, carriers have their reputation and business on the line, and there is no time for error. As we know, word of mouth is crucial for any business, so our team turned to technology to ensure a safeguarded client experience from beginning to end, helping our carrier partners deliver world-class customer experiences.

Now, through this motivation to help our carrier partners and leverage our experience with game changing insurtech solutions, we’re disrupting the insurance industry for the better.

How We’re Making a Difference Through Insurtech

Over the years, our Brush Claims team has made significant changes and evolved our insurtech solutions. After witnessing the common frustrations and challenges in the claims process being experienced by both policyholders and carriers alike, we knew it was time to develop our own solution driven by technology. A few of the most common frustrations we set out to overcome and ease were:

  • Taking control of the claims process
  • Providing transparency through each stage of a claim
  • Improving communication in the claims process

We knew it was time for a solution that would allow us to focus on delivering an amazing policyholder experience on every claim. From there, a world-class insurtech solution was created. At the core of this new solution was our claims management system, HubCentral, which focuses on giving adjusters and claims managers improved communication and transparency into their claims, from start to finish. In that same vein of providing true transparency, HubInsight – our policyholder portal – was built to guide a policyholder through every step of their claims process with just the touch of a button. Additionally, we focused on time savings strategies for field adjusters through our scoping application, HubOnsite which creates massive efficiencies in the paperwork process that follows an inspection, allowing them to use their smartphone or tablet to complete inspections.

Our Data-Forward Approach  

At Brush Claims, we’ve taken a data-forward approach when evaluating our insurtech solutions. In fact, the industry of underwriting and insurance is inherently driven by data, and claims are no exception. There is no shortage of data, with an estimated 181 zettabytes of data being created by 2025. To break that down, one zettabyte is equal to one billion terabytes of data, which is equal to approximately 75 quadrillion pages of data. Big data is driving decision making, but the real power lies in how we use the data.

To better manage the claims process, we knew it would take leveraging raw data collected from claims. In 2021, Brush was selected to participate in the prestigious insurtech accelerator program, Lloyd’s Lab. It was around this time that we took our passion for data and began to apply machine learning (ML), and automation to build out data models to enhance the process of handling any given claim. From there, we partnered with data-driven industry leader, McKenzie Intelligence Services, Ltd. to harness cutting-edge geospatial data and imagery related to storms with their GEO solution.

The Future of Insurtech

The digital landscape is evolving rapidly, and we continue to make improvements in the world of insurtech to benefit our clients. From using past claims data, partner resources, AI, document scanning, and ML, our claims process is driven by technology. When applying technology to our processes, we always ask:

  • What is the impact on our people and their workflows?
  • Would looking at a dashboard rather than creating and analyzing an Excel report and pivot table save time and provide better/more consistent insight?
  • What are the improvements in efficiency and customer experience of leveraging custom business rules to drive proactive action by employees?
  • How will a new enhancement or solution impact the policyholder, and what challenges might they experience? What could be the magnitude of both the positive and negative impacts of these enhancements?
  • How can we measure the ROI on any implementation? What is the baseline for success?

Making tech-forward improvements starts by asking the right questions, and our team is continually checking the data before answering our own questions to better quantify the solution to enhance the satisfaction of our clients, policyholders and adjusters. At Brush Claims, we take pride in servicing policyholders for over 30 years by leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance our claims process with insurtech solutions. We harness technology where it counts with a laser focus on customer experience.

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