Communication: The One Thing We Should Bring Back To Insurance

Welcome to the age of automation. From chatbots and virtual dashboards to self checkouts and facial recognition technology. Industries are evolving with cutting-edge technology, but there are certain things that simply must stay, or rather, that we must bring back to the front line.


We’re talking about communication. It’s key in the world of insurance, and although advanced tools and software allow us to better serve our industry, we need to prioritize the art of conventional communication. In fact, while some lose sight of “old-fashioned” business practices, others are benefiting from enhancing traditional methods with new-age tech.


Let’s take a look at why communication in the insurance industry is important and how it can merge flawlessly with our digital society.


  • Boost customer service. Have you ever been on hold with a customer service representative only to get passed from one automated response system to another? The frustration builds and the trust between the business and the customer slowly chips away with each hold tune. Simple, good communication practices can mitigate this unnecessary issue. Within the insurance industry, communication is important on more than one level: between the adjuster and the carrier and between the customer and the carrier. Keeping everyone in the loop is crucial to boost customer service.


  • Improve company culture. In any relationship, communication is the driving force. This holds true for professional team relationships in the workplace. Company culture has become a buzzword over recent years, and employees are growing more particular about the workplaces they’re willing to join. Open-door policies that were once a perk are now a priority, and strong communication between staff at all levels is encouraged for a healthy environment. This means that leaders can send announcements to frontline workers, entry-level employees can approach upper management to share thoughts and everyone should be active listeners.


  • Retain top talent. It’s clear, the job market took a turn during the past few years, and the Great Resignation is holding steady. Although millions of workers are leaving jobs, many employers are using this as a time to retain and recruit top talent. Internal communication matters, and when team members are comfortable approaching their bosses, they feel valued. While decentralized workplaces are on the rise, we can leverage tech tools like chat systems, Zoom calls and virtual happy hours to create team bonding.


  • Strengthen your brand reputation. Don’t be a stranger to your audience. This means stay in touch, and it doesn’t always have to be with an ‘old school’ phone call. Use technology to your advantage by communicating with employees, customers and partners in creative ways like e-newsletters, blogs, text updates and more. Staying front of mind (in a good way) is great for your business’s reputation! On the other hand, a lack of communication can be detrimental to your company name. Make a plan, find a balance and learn a new software or tool to help spur your efforts.


Here at Brush Country Claims, we take pride in having a human-led, tech-enabled team that uses innovative proprietary technology to make our personal touch that much more effective. Through our suite of insurtech solutions, your claims process will be streamlined, and the overall experience will be the best.


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