Innovation in Claims Automation

All industries have seen an increased desire for more automation, and the digital innovation in claims automation is not an exception. In fact, McKinsey predicts more than 50% of claims will be automated by 2030.


The majority of individuals today prefer digital tools to streamline their daily interactions. The pandemic accelerated the shift to digital preferences by standardizing video conferencing and contactless interactions.


Picking up the pieces after a catastrophic event is stressful, so BCC created a proprietary platform to meet the diverse needs of each unique claim.


Tech advancements are a viable tool in processing claims.

By creating Hubvia, Brush has streamlined the claim process through an automated system. The custom platform tailors solutions to meet the diverse needs of each individual claim, while continuing to provide accuracy, and assist in time management for both the adjuster and policyholder.



Technology is never stagnate

Because insurance technology is always evolving, staying up to date on the continuous changes of industry standards is essential. Brush Country Claims partners with adjusters and other industry leaders to stay up to date on industry changes. Excellency in any field is pairing a willingness to adapt with continuously seeking additional knowledge. By creating proprietary technology that evolves right alongside the needs of policyholders to streamline the claim process and provide world class customer service, BCC is leading the way in insurtech innovation.