What We Learned from the Lloyd’s Lab

As we look back on one year since earning a spot in Lloyd’s Lab, we’d be remiss not to share our learnings and growth that came as a result.


Through our participation in the seventh cohort of the prestigious insurtech accelerator, we gained valuable industry insights that drove the advancement of our proprietary insurtech, Hubvia, while adding new features to our suite of solutions.


The Lloyd’s of London Marketplace is composed of incredibly innovative individuals who work together to spearhead initiatives, and we are forever grateful for the knowledge imparted to our team. With that, here are the top takeaways from the past year.

Data Analysis

Data is the foundation of insurance. In fact, it IS insurance. Decisions made regarding underwriting and claims are spurred on and improved by data analysis.

Insurtechs are leveraging data in decisions and automationsin newer and faster ways with a high level of accuracy.

Insureres are able to improve all aspects of business from claims speed to improved loss ratios.


Digital Ecosystems

We strengthened our understanding of the importance of ecosystems, or hubs, and how stagnation can occur if this vital component isn’t considered in our overall tech strategy.

Also, learning that by creating a conglomerate of solutions that can quickly be enabled or disabled in a centralized hub, allows us further flexibility to align with the goals of a client.


Thought Leadership

The level of though leadership in the cohort is impressive and truly parallel to none.

As we learned more about these insurtechs and their path to success, we were not only inspired but filled with knowledge and gratitude for the collaborative environment.


Sparking Growth

It’s no secret that being a part of Lloyd’s Lab offered an amazing platform for us to share our work.

As a result of the exposure, we’ve built numerous carrier partner relationships that allow us to work toward common goals and promote positive change in our industry!


After a year since our spot in Lloyd’s Lab, we have reached new heights through data, ecosystems, partnerships, thought leadership and exposure.

The insurance world is ever evolving, and with the incredible talent and innovation we’ve experienced during and since the Lab, it is clear that there is no stopping this impressive growth within the industry.


We look forward to another year of learnings and advancements!