How to Grow Your Book of Business in the Insurance Industry

Growing your book of business in any industry requires skills, strategy and the right network.

In the insurance world, the better equipped you are with an action plan, the more likely your book of business will grow. 


To gain momentum in expanding your business prospects, it might feel like a juggling act, but with the right focus and prioritization, a healthy balance will propel your book of business to success.

For instance, many insurance professionals focus solely on acquisition while retention falls to the wayside.

It’s important to give attention to both of these elements to efficiently spark long-term growth. 


Additionally, improving skills and increasing knowledge is a proactive measure to support your acquisition and retention efforts.

By displaying advanced skill sets, you’re equipped to gain a competitive edge while instilling confidence and outstanding service to both your existing and potential clients.

With that, staying abreast of the latest technology and industry tools is a must to support your overall growth strategy.  


As you make strides toward growing your book of business, we’re sharing a few top focus areas to support your efforts and drive true expansion.

From skill enhancements to tools and tech, let’s explore how to ramp up your client list.  


Four principles for growing your client roster:


Improve your skills.

It’s possible to become so focused on clients and competitors that you forget to take a look inward.

By becoming a true expert in your field, you automatically add value to your clients while creating a brand and reputation that prospective clients can trust.

You may be at the top of your expertise, but never become complacent.

Continue searching for ways for you and your team to grow in skills, knowledge and experience.

In the ever-evolving insurtech industry, it’s crucial to remain adaptable to changes and stay ahead of the curve and your competitors.  


Focus on client acquisition.

It’s no secret that acquiring new clients is a key element of growing your book of business.

Converting non-clients into clients is the foundation of long-term success in becoming a top producer.

To do this, you must first know and understand the prospect to make a personalized approach.

A little research can go a long way and will differentiate you from your competitors who may simply use broad tactics to reach out to prospective clients.

Also, it’s beneficial to build a broad network to invite opportunities while still maintaining a few niche areas where you can generate new business. 


Make retention a priority.

Even if you’re bringing on a large amount of new clients, it’s nearly impossible to grow your book of business if you’re losing clients.

Consistency is crucial for higher retention.

You can achieve this by creating an annual service calendar with specific action steps that will be performed by identified team members.

This allows you to stay on top of any aspects that your competitors could swoop in and offer to your clients.

If you’re unable to create this calendar for all  of your clients, at least implement it for your top five to 10 accounts that are likely being sought out by other insurance professionals.

Don’t forget to initiate social interactions that allow for informal conversations and information exchanges that cultivate a strengthened working relationship. 


Invest in tools and technology.

It takes the right tools and technology to perform your job to the highest degree.

Technology is transforming the insurance industry, and with the right tech investments, insurers can increase profitability.

Stay ahead of the market with innovative offerings that will ‘wow’ prospective clients and retain current ones.

Through applied artificial intelligence (AI), next-level automation, next-generation computing, clean technologies and more, you can keep up with the digital age and grow your clientele.  


At Brush, we understand how important it is to continually grow your book of business.

By improving your skills, focusing on client acquisition, making retention a priority, and investing in the right tools and technology, you’ll be on the path to expanding your networking and turning non-clients into clients.

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