Our 30th Storm Season: the Evolution of Brush Country Claims

In honor of our 30th storm season, our CEO Kevin Myers takes us through the evolution of Brush Country Claims and how we’ve transformed from a local P&C claims firm to an international insurtech partner.


The Founding  

Brush Country Claims was founded in 1991, in the small South Texas town of Alice with an initial focus on property and liability daily claims. But when Hurricane Andrew struck in 1992, BCC elevated to a catastrophe claims adjustment firm to serve those devastated by natural disasters.  brush country

The Brush Country Claims brand became synonymous with integrity and reliability, resulting in catastrophe contracts with some of the nation’s largest carriers. We have worked every significant US catastrophe from 2012 to the present.  

By 2012 our daily claims coverage extended throughout Texas and into Oklahoma and Louisiana and our service offering expanded to include residential and commercial property and liability claims, as well as heavy equipment and cargo losses. 


The Growth  

Brush Country Claims brought in new management in 2012 to focus on further refining the quality of our services and accelerating growth.

By 2016, we had expanded into all 50 states and continued to refine our customer base and adjusting resources.  

From 2014 through 2019 we enjoyed a 58% compounded annual growth, much of which was accomplished through word-of-mouth marketing fueled by the positive experiences of our clients.

In 2020 we brought in key team members to overhaul our business development processes and marketing strategies to further accelerate our responsible growth.

Our image was refined, and our digital presence expanded to align with our industry-leading technology.  

Our priority, however, has always been protecting the competitiveness of our product and managing growth to ensure the quality of claims processing remains unparalleled. 


The Technology  

In 2017 we made a sizeable investment to solve three key issues plaguing traditional claims service: communication, transparency, and control.  

We started with communication and built a world-class Claims Management System, HubCentral. It was built by, and for, property claims managers and has saved an estimated 56,000 human hours during the last three years while drastically improving communication with all claim stakeholders.  

Next, we focused on transparency with the policyholder with HubInsight, a portal which guides the policyholder through their claims journey from first notice to final settlement.  

Finally, we need true control of our claim data. We built HubOnsite, which captures all claim field data, organizes, and instantly syncs to our CMS, saving the field adjuster time on claims and allowing complete control and improved claims turnaround time. We pride ourselves on innovation and provoke the status quo by creating solutions to solve age old problems in claims. 


The Future  

Last year, 2021, our technology earned us entry into the Lloyd’s Lab, a prestigious insurtech accelerator program.

Key members of our leadership team worked in London and used the opportunity to refine our technology and processes to more perfectly serve our clients, their policyholders, and the insurance marketplace.

Our intent is to keep our technology as a competitive advantage and expand our current TPA offerings to fully service our likeminded Carrier partners from FNOL through Payment.

Our main focus is customer service. If we can make the process faster, easier, transparent and more accurate, everybody wins.