The Benefits of Remote Work

Healthy culture = healthy employees. We’re proud to say our team at Brush Country Claims seamlessly transitioned into remote work when the pandemic hit. With a strong support system, a little team building and a big emphasis on work-life balance, productivity rates soared and we saw first-hand the benefits of remote work.

Maribel Serrano on the benefits of remote work.Our Executive Vice President of Finance, Maribel Serrano, shares how working from home has impacted her work-life balance.

My experience working from home has been a positive one due to a couple of benefits. It has granted me more flexibility to work from any location. For example, I was able to travel to Puerto Rico to visit my mother who had been ill and still be productive. Although I enjoy the camaraderie at the office, I feel I can organize my days easier and pace myself better from home.

Work-life balance isn’t just about having more opportunities to spend time with family or go to the gym; the balance is struck when you are able to take those opportunities without suffering from FOMO at work or feeling guilty that you stepped out of the office.

Jennifer Dalton, our IT Manager, says being able to work from home has been a huge blessing.

As the IT Manager at Brush Country Claims, my attention is often required at a moment’s notice. If a system is down, I’m needed urgently. Being able to work from home allows me to be available at those times, but also to have such a better balance of time at home.

Jennifer Dalton on the benefits of remote work.It has been fantastic to be able to handle those emergencies remotely, and still be able to be home spending time with my kids. My commute time is now spent getting them ready for the day and wrestling the dog for a few minutes to get her zoomies out. I can start my day with a clear mind (and okay, still a gallon of coffee in hand but at least it’s only a couple feet away!).

Being able to block off time during the day and step away to have lunch with my kids and help them with school has allowed us to have so much more quality time together. I find it easier to step outside for a quick 15 minute break to recharge and get some fresh air on even my most hectic days.

All it takes is a few minutes playing fetch with my dog and the kids to recenter myself and come back to my desk recharged. I am so grateful our company not only made the shift for COVID, but has allowed us to continue to work from home.

A recent article in Forbes dove into the relationship between company culture and remote work. In a traditional workplace environment, it has long been believed that being in the office reduces distractions, increases face-to-face interactions with colleagues, and therefore yields a better work product. But since the pandemic struck, we’re finding that to be less and less true, especially in innovative companies where creativity is a pillar.

Rachel Cruce, Marketing Director for Brush Country Claims whose role involves a great deal of creativity, shared her thoughts on remote work.

Rachel Cruce on the benefits of remote work.

As a parent, partner, and professional, it’s easy to feel like you’re being pulled in a million different directions. Remote work has allowed me to feel like I can truly achieve a healthy work-life balance and still have time to go to hot yoga! I find that when I am able to take time to be present and focus on myself that my creative brain stays stimulated and I can consistently bring new ideas to the table.


Working from home allows employees the flexibility to design their work around their days, and not the other way around. A concept once thought to be attainable for entrepreneurs and high-earners is now a reality for many professionals in various industries.

At Brush Country Claims we encourage and empower our team to maintain a healthy work-life balance, to take time to care for themselves and their families, and to prioritize their mental health. By continuing to have the option to work remotely, we’re ensuring that our team can design a lifestyle that supports their well-being and ultimately enables them to bring their #BrushCountryBest to the job every day!