A Big Picture Solution for Claims Management

Finding the best solution for your claims management operation is a daunting task, but Richard Branson said it best:

“If you place the emphasis on getting the little things right, and address the everyday problems that come up, you can encourage a culture of attention to detail.”

It’s easy to overlook the little things when you’re trying to see the big picture. But often times those seemingly small issues are the cause of much bigger problems. In the insurance industry, the devil is in the details.

The smallest adjustments can create a massively positive impact on the claims management process and the customer experience of the policyholder.

An insider’s perspective

When I was brought inside back in 2011 to create a Quality Assurance Program for our Property Claims Department, the first thing I did was literally glance (30-60 seconds max) at a good sampling of recently closed claims. I wanted to see what details caught my eye when looking at the big picture.

I found that the claim reports had an inconsistent layout, poor narrative formatting, incorrectly named coverages, and a lack of resequencing line-item numbers in the estimate. The reports all conveyed the same information, but these small details were causing an extremely poor experience for our carrier partners.

By targeting these details, I was able to identify how we could create a clean, consistent, and easy to read report package. During the first week that our partners received these updated packages, we received tremendous feedback from every single one expressing gratitude and statements of vast improvement. I had only changed four small things, but those little things mattered!

The solution… almost

Correcting this workflow permanently would have been relatively easy if I were working with the same group of 15 or 20 adjusters, but at that time we were on our way to become a nationwide insurance adjusting firm and implementation of the new reporting format was tricky.

We stumbled and spent large amounts of time trying to deliver on our promises of improvement to our carrier partners. We had changed the details, but now we needed to look at the big picture.

We searched for a claims management solution that could provide the level of quality and consistency that our carrier partners expected while delivering a world class customer experience that their policyholders deserved. Nothing fit the bill, so we decided to build one.

Hubvia, the big picture solution

We have spent the past four years building Hubvia, a suite of insurtech solutions that provides consistent, high quality reports and an overall better claims management experience for our adjusters, our carrier partners, and most importantly, their policyholders.

Hubvia delivers all the little things that consumers demand from their insurance carrier. Real-time updates, participation in the claims process, live support, and more! It’s the big picture solution for all the small details that matter so much.

At Brush Country Claims, our job is to deliver a world class customer experience to the policyholders of our carrier partners by performing a detailed inspection and delivering a prompt, accurate, and consistent report package. We are there to ensure our service is seamless for our carrier partners and pleasant for their policyholders. By paying attention to the details and providing a transparent claims management process, we can be a strategic and trustworthy partner to our clients!