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Benefits Remote Work

The Benefits of Remote Work

Healthy culture = healthy employees. We’re proud to say our team at Brush Country Claims seamlessly transitioned into remote work when the pandemic hit.

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time management

How to Stop Wasting Time

There are countless books, articles, blogs, podcasts and even classes that discuss time management. It always starts with dedicating "x” block of time on these days to do “y”.

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keep clients happy

How to Keep Your Client Partners Happy

Before I was in the insurance claims business, I managed teams in large advertising agencies. There was a saying commonly used in advertising: The second you win a client is the second you start losing them.

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effective meetings

How to Spend Less Time in Meetings

I have spent almost two years of my life in meetings. My son asked me yesterday, after a day full of meetings, “If you added up all of your meetings, how long would that be?”

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