Brush Country Claims promotes Rachel Cruce to Marketing Director

March 18, 20214 Minutes
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Brush Country Claims promotes Rachel Cruce to Marketing Director

GEORGETOWN, Texas, March 18, 2021 – National insurance adjustment firm Brush Country Claims, LTD. announced today that Rachel Cruce has received a promotion to Marketing Director.

During her first year at Brush Country Claims, Mrs. Cruce has led major projects that have successfully aligned the company’s external appearance and presentation with its internal processes and operations. “When I came on board at Brush, I was immediately impressed with the company’s modern and innovative culture, but recognized there was a disconnect in its brand identity” says Cruce. “I wanted to showcase the agility of this team and let the industry know that this is not the same Brush Country Claims they knew ten, even five years ago. This company is forward-thinking and cares deeply about making a positive impact on the industry, from the carriers to the insured.” With a soft rebrand, launch of a new website, and a breakthrough into social media platforms, the tenured insurance adjustment firm looks and feels like a brand new player.

When Cruce was hired at the beginning of 2020 as a Digital Marketing Manager, the executive team was hopeful that she would be able to expand the company’s digital footprint.

“Rachel came on board with Brush about a year ago and was charged with creating an alignment of our company vision with our online presence” says President & COO Troy Stewart. “The statement she has made both online and internally is far exceeding what we could have imagined in such short time. Rachel’s creative mind and keen eye for detail make her the perfect fit to lead the charge in expanding our marketing efforts, creating strategic direction and content curation.”

In 2020, Brush Country Claims launched its revolutionary HyDAP program, a photo scoping application, and an insured portal that rounded out its ‘full claims solution’. The global pandemic provided a unique opportunity for the company to slow down and curate this suite of mindful technology that is completely centered around the customer. It also reinforced that the way new business was developed would be vastly different from previous years. Cruce speaks to this shift: “We’ve relied heavily on industry conferences to generate new business in the past. Despite its many challenges, the pandemic allowed me to build out our digital presence in a way that has yielded more opportunities to create and develop new client relationships.”

Kevin Myers, Chief Executive Officer, shared his thoughts on the evolving needs of the industry. “Along with everyone else out there, Brush Country Claims had to totally rethink the way we market ourselves in the new digital and post COVID-19 world. To remain visible and develop opportunities for new business, we added a Digital Marketing Manager to build our online strategy. Challenges present opportunities for growth and we are very pleased to be in a stronger position today than we have ever been. This is, in large part, a result of the hard work and expertise of Rachel Cruce, who is now being promoted to Marketing Director.”

About Brush Country Claims
Brush Country Claims is an independent adjusting firm that offers a full claims solution for residential, commercial, daily, and catastrophe claim management. Brush Country utilizes an innovative suite of proprietary technology to maximize customer experience while consistently having some of the fastest cycle times in the industry. A human led, tech forward approach embraces the grassroots beginnings of the company as well as their incredible drive to propel into the future.